King Timascus
Vital statistics
Name Timascus
Title King
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Bladehaven
Status Alive
Location Bladehaven

King Timascus is the ruler of Bladehaven.



King Timascus sent Sir Vatone and his army to a quest but Sir Vatone and his army "died" at the hands of evil forces. King Timascus recruited the young squire, Alden to continue the failed quest and to find and rescue the lost princess.

The DragonEdit

As Alden kept updating the king with the events, it was revealed that the enemy was hidden at Mount Fouldoom. Alden made his way through and rescued the princess back to Bladehaven. Only to see that it collapsed to ruins. King Timascus had been injured by the dragon attack in The East Tower. After Wanda told Alden where the king was, Alden searched for the king at The East Tower and found him. Alden got rid of the dragon and King Timascus promoted Alden with the Name of Legends; Sir Alteon. King Timascus told Sir Alteon that the battle has come and Lord Valoth had sent his army of minions across the lands. As always, Sir Alteon helped to protect Bladehaven from being destroyed by the evil Lord Valoth. This challenge is known as Survival Mode.