Lord Valoth
Vital statistics
Name Unknown
Title Sir Vatone (formerly); Dark Ruler; Lord Valoth
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Lord Valoth
Status Alive
Location Mount Fouldoom

Lord Valoth, also known as the Dark Ruler and formerly known as Sir Vatone, was a great knight of King Timascus who "died" with his army at the hands of evil forces.



The tables were turned once Alden found him alive in Mount Fouldoom with a different appearance and a dragon. The squire remembered him as Sir Vatone who told him that he is now known as Lord Valoth which he prefers it more than being called Sir Vatone and told the squire that he simply led his army to trap. Lord Valoth ordered his dragon to get rid of the king, but the dragon didn't succeed, the squire slayed him and earned the Name of Legends; Sir Alteon. Lord Valoth sent his army of minions all across the land to battle the king but Sir Alteon went off to stand against the army - alone - wave-by-wave, to protect the king and Bladehaven since he is the only remaining knight. This challenge is known as Survival Mode.